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Safe-T-Card Man Down Industrial Safety Solution

SafeTCard Indenticom is exclusive to SafeTCard in Australia and a network of SafeTCard authorised partners in Australasia, including Johesk. In March 2012 a major landmark was reached by shipping the 100,000th Identicom from Connextion2, making it the most widely-used dedicated device of its kind.


The new 8 and 9 Series SafeTCard Identicom is smaller, sleeker and with a contemporary design - yet still retains the distinct advantage of being styled as an Identity card holder, thus continuing to facilitate easy wear and discreet use, whilst giving peace of mind to both a user and employer.


SafeTCard Identicom continues to represent the safest and most proven option for businesses seeking to deploy a lone worker solution. All SafeTCard Identicoms are British made and use the highest quality components available.


Giving a Lone-Isolated-Remote and High Risk Worker Solution assurance they are not alone, SafeTCard Identicom is a smart identity badge with the latest GSM, GPS (SIRF IV) and GPRS or 3G technology at the push of a button.


SafeTCard Identicom is now a two-way audio communication device allowing a wide range of Lone-Isolated-Remote and High Risk Worker Solution types to reduce the risks they face as part of their working lives.


All SafeTCard Identicom devices are available with automatic 'Man Down' detection as a standard option.




Why SafeTCard Identicom?


• Easy to integrate within a solution offering


• It is easy to wear on a lanyard, belt clip or a leather wallet option


• Able to update configuration settings remotely by GPRS (OTA)


• It is never out of reach should a worker need to raise the alarm


• Discreet operation without the need to break eye contact with an aggressor


• Two-way audio communication


• Automatic 'Man Down' detection


• A range of options allows users to select their functionality


• ACPO Secured by Design accredited


• Can be supplied as part of a 8S8484 approved solution


• 3G and Camera enabled devices



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