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KX-NS700AL with 4 x 24 Button Handsets





  • Built-In Voicemail to Email with 40 Hrs Storage
  • Auto Attendant
  • Smartphone Mobiles As Extensions


$1 Residual At End Of Term To Own


The Panasonic KX-NS700's compact design has been engineered to deliver a highly affordable, easy-to-use NBN ready telephone system.  It provides a full set of advanced and sophisticated features, supports SIP, IP and TDM technologies and is able to increase business performance and deliver substantial cost savings.


The KX-NS700 is scalable and optimised for SMB’s delivering proven solutions for a range of industries.


1. Scalable Investment Protection

From 0 to 252 users, the KX-NS700 will complement your customer’s growth, without any messy and expensive hardware swap outs due to expansion capacities like many of Panasonic’s competitors.


2. NBN Ready Hybrid Solution

With trunks from PSTN, ISDN (BRI & PRI) to SIP and H.323, the KX-NS700 can support whatever connectivity your customer requires.  Also with Analogue, Digital, IP (SIP and Proprietary, softphones) there is no open standard communications protocol that is not supported by the KX-NS7000.


3. Multi-tenant & Music on Hold

The KX-NS700 supports up to 8 tenants with each tenant having the ability to have multiple Music on Hold recordings based on number dialled or groups selected within the auto attendants.  As standard these are easily uploaded and up to 8 can be stored on the KX-NS700 as WAV Files.


4. Voicemail

The KS-NS700 comes standard with a 2 channel voice mail that offers up to 40 Hours of storage via 2GB SD Card. The ports and recording storage can be expanded up to 24 ports and 400 hours.


5. Voicemail to Email

The Panasonic KX-NS700 has the ability to take your voicemail messages and deliver them straight to your email inbox as WAV File attachments.  In addition, the KX-NS700 provides an additional layer of security by supporting SSL/TLS and an inbuilt IMAP integration.


6. Local and Remote Phones

Via the Media Relay gateway, the KX-NS700 supports handsets inside as well as outside the office without the need for a VPN!

No matter where you want to work, the KX-NS700 has you covered.


7. Mobility

Adding another layer, the KX-NS700 enables users to deploy the standard mobile twinning (Desk phone and mobile will ring simultaneously) but also enables users to make use of a one number extension (multiple phones having the same extension number on site and off) that are all displayed on single Busy Lamp Field.


8. Feature Rich Handsets

The KS-NS700 IP PBX supports all the features of a traditional Key System so buttons on handsets are critical.  Panasonic offer a full range of IP and Digital handsets with 8, 12 and 24 buttons at affordable prices.  There is no functionality loss between Digital and IP Handsets so your customers always have the ability to mix and match the configuration based on their individual and specific requirements. The KX-DT543AL-B handset model supports Electronic Hook Switch (EHS).


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