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The ‘BlueLine-IP’ Hardwired Nurse Call System provides a modern Ethernet based nurse call solution for low, high and dementia care facilities of all sizes.


BlueLine-IP is fully compliant with Australian Standard AS3811 and provides the highest level of reliability and functionality at a very competitive price.


Being a ‘plug-and-play’ system concept, installation is fast and simple which makes this system ideal for provincial and export applications. The system is fully operational and tested prior to despatch to site. Remote access also assures the client of trouble free technical and operational support, also remote access qualifies the client for comprehensive 3 year system warranty.


Blue Line offers a flawless solution for either new Greenfield installations or existing system extensions. When cables cannot be easily or cost effectively installed the system will work seamlessly in conjunction with components of the BlueLine ISM Long Range Wireless System. Irrespective of deploying hard-wired Nodes or ISM long range wireless Nodes the end results are identical in terms of functionality, operational requirements, reporting facilities and reliability.


All nodes and call points are polled and monitored continuously by the Winwatch Software program which provides unprecedented levels of reporting parameters required to satisfy healthcare professionals and accreditation teams.


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Johesk is partnered with Smart-Caller, one of Australia's most renowned Nurse Call System Providers, to provide excellent sales & service to the Health and Aged-Care industries.

Smartcaller 'BlueLine-IP' Hardwired Nurse Call System

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