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Please find some of our top-selling hospitality phone models below.


Our hospitality phone range caters for all users - from basic hotel/motels, who just need a handset on the bedside for emergencies, to large hotel groups who want an all-round entertainment device to lift the guest appeal of their accommodation.


For pricing, or to find out more about other models in our range, please call on (08) 8346 2322 or email [email protected]

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(Click picture of each model to access detailed product brochure)


 *A New Era for Guestroom Nightstand Devices*


Bittel recently unveiled new generation multi-media centre called UNOMedia 5, which combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in one. UNOMedia 5 adopts a high-grade aluminum alloy faceplate with elegant acrylic panel to keep consistency with hotels' concept & style.


Premium loudspeaker with impressive subwoofer performance is definitely comparable with other mainstream speakers. Up to 7 charging ports (4 USB smart charging ports & one MFC cable) can perfectly satisfy the charging demands for iDevice, Android and other portable devices. UNOMedia 5 brings major changes to hotels.


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Bittel Unomedia5 UM77 Clock/Radio/Bluetooth Hospitality Telephone

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