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Cordless Phones

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Please find some of our top-selling cordless phone models below.


Our cordless phone range caters for all users - home, government, corporate, aged care/elderly and even situations where long distances from the base transmitter are required (caravan parks, golf courses, farms etc).


For pricing, or to find out more about other models in our range, please call on (08) 8346 2322 or email [email protected]

Engenius Adelaide, Long Range Cordless Phones Adelaide, SN933, SN902, Engenius

Engenius SN933 Long Range Cordless Phone

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The SN933 in many cases is a complementary addition to existing digital desk phone systems, DECT phone systems and Wi-Fi phone systems. It connects to a regular telephone line or to an analogue port behind a telephone system.

Engenius Adelaide; Long Range Cordless Phones Adelaide; SN933; SN902

EnGenius Durafon SN902 & SP9228PRO



EnGenius Durafon is the cordless communications tool that goes the distance in any business.

EnGenius Durafon uses two-way radio technology to cover the extra distance needed for factories, farms, offices, warehouses, car dealerships, motels, resorts, caravan parks, nurseries, hospitals homes and more.


Durafon provides mobility, flexibility and security.


Voice transmission is secure, so no eavesdropping is possible. Add the many user friendly convenience features and you have the ultimate in versatile, powerful cordless phone systems ideal for business of every size.


10 Km Door Station

The DS is compatible with the SN902. It provides access control and can make outside line calls or be made to call a a local cordless handset (intercom call).


If your people are on the move, no longer do they have to be paged or called on mobile when a call comes in.

When installed with a keyphone system, reception can simply direct the call to the individual’s EnGenius handset, wherever

he or she may be on site.


Caller ID to the handset allows the employee to take the call or send to voicemail.


Features including group paging (up to nine groups) and broadcast are ideal where emergency contact may be required.


With an external antenna, all models can achieve the ultra long range of 5 km to 10 km, depending on environment. The more open the space, the greater the distance covered. A range of over 5km is not unusual for Durafon in open areas.


Personnel can keep in contact with no-cost handset to handset calls instead of using mobile phones on site. Consider

the savings this could give your business.

SIP Cordless Phone Adelaide, Panasonic Cordless Adelaide, Panasonic Cordless, SIP Cordless

Panasonic KX-TGP600 SIP Cordless Phone

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Easy to install and manage, Panasonic’s new KX-TGP600 SIP cordless phone system is the ideal solution for businesses looking to reap the benefits of cloud communications.


Key Features:


  •     Easy to install
  •     Large, colour LCD display
  •     Noise reduction features
  •     High definition audio sound
  •     Supports up to 8 lines
  •     Connect up to 8 handsets to a single system




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