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Please find some of our top-selling business cordless telephony headset models below. For pricing, or to find out more about other wireless headset models in our range, please call on (08) 8346 2322 or email [email protected]




















































































































































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Plantronics CS-540

The CS500 Series is a super-lightweight cordless DECT™ headset with a 60 metre wireless range, ideal for working in busy hot-desking environments, and with the ability to connect up to four headsets on a single call.


 Ideal For:

• Fixed desk office worker who needs to roam around the office.

• Best audio quality for noisy environments.

Jabra Pro 920

Simple. Professional. Affordable.

Jabra PRO 920 is a professional entry-level cordless headset designed for use with desk phones.

The robust Jabra PRO 920 offers all the essential features of a cordless headset in a simple design at an attractive price point.

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Cordless/Wireless Headsets for Business Telephones



Sennheiser SDW5016

SDW 5016 is a wireless DECT headset system for modern office professionals, providing future-proof device flexibility, next generation communication quality and advanced security to modern work environments. SDW 5016 meets the challenges of evolving modern workplaces by providing a communication tool that lives up to users’ expectations for multi-device usability, security and seamless customer interaction.


Connect to softphone/PC, desk phone and mobile phone for maximum device flexibility. Pioneering voice detection technology and two-microphone system give exceptional sound. Enhanced security features keep conversations confidential.


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